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eyewitness news in high definition. with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> i know we were under a lot of duress to make up lost ground. >> paul ryan, joe biden going at each other in their one and only debate. biden shows why he earned his nickname. and ryan fires right back. >> we will have much more on the vice presidential debate, coming up. but first, what a day for bay area baseball. tears of joy and, well, tears of saddens. a miracle comeback. then it was the a's turn. the sad end to a phenomenal season for the a's. dennis? >> possibly an improbable victory over the tigers. but the tigers had the reining krie young winner. i'm talking about justin verlander. he got the win in game 1. a
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complete shutout against the a's lineup. he struck out eleven in the game. 22 in the series. tigers broke it open in the seventy. prince fielders, tigers had a 6- 0 lead. and the a's season is over. >> i think we surprised a lot of people outside of this clubhouse. obviously we would have liked to have continued on. the goal is to make it all the way and get that ring on your finger and have that parade. but it comes to an end for us. it's difficult to swallow. >> scott rolen said after game three, i cost my team the game. >> and the giants in cincinnati. giants' closer sergio romo facing scott rolen. the giants become the first time in big league history to
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win three straight on the road to close out a five-game series. they could host the game on sunday. jonny gomes and the a's clubhouse said this, those guys in that dugout may have saved baseball in oakland. we'll have more when we go inside the a's clubhouse coming up in sports. >> one down, one up, and what a day in baseball today. thank you, dennis. it was punchy. it was lively. it was actually quite a bit of fun to watch. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on the vice presidential debate that was hard to turn away from. >> politics can be fun, dana. it certainly was tonight. apparently even the president thought so, calling biden's performance, quote, terrific and saying he couldn't be prouder of him. and it is showing in the polls. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 58% gave him the win, compared with 31% for paul ryan. asked who would be able to take
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over as president, if necessary, voters stayed with the republican nominee. but that shifted significantly after the face-off. perhaps because time and again the president's attack dog in chief showed why he had earned that nickname. >> reporter: they are a generation apart in age. and world's apart in ideology. with that, two phrases were laid down. >> these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up with, my neighbors. they pay more effective tax than governor romney's pays. i've had it up to here with that notion of 47%. >> reporter: congressman ryan was not afraid to fight back. >> romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. and with respect to that quote, i think the vp very well knows that sometimes the words don't
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come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> don't take all the four minutes then. >> reporter: and that laid the ground work for the tone, with the two candidates unafraid to mix it up. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple of times. >> it has never been -- >> lower tax rates increase growth. >> oh, now you're jack kennedy? i'm not allowed to show letters, but go on our website. he sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me stimulus money for companies here in the state of wisconsin? >> you did ask for stimulus money, right? >> on two occasions, we
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advocated for constituents who were applying for grants. that's what we do. >> i love that. i love that. this is such a bad program, and he writes me a letter, saying the reason we need this, it will create growth and jobs. his words. >> i want to move on here to medicare entitlements. i think we've gone over this quite enough. >> by the way -- >> reporter: but the night would not be complete without a bidism. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> why is that? >> because not a single thing he said is accurate. >> this is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> it's irish. we irish call it malarkey. >> reporter: they were very feisty. all right. we've got joe tuman. and let's talk about body language a little bit. we talked about the words first. you saw the vice president laughing a lot, smiling a lot.
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>> he was like barack obama last week, sometimes not so mindful of the fact that he's on a screen. these are called reaction shots for our viewers. we always look to see what the other person is thinking when your opponent is talking. by and large, i think it didn't really matter. some people might have been put off by the nodding or the pointing of the finger, that sort of thing. but by and large, biden won by a ton tonight. he was not even close. while some people might have been put off by the body language, what you saw i think is what looked like a junior executive trying to talk to the chief executive of the company, and the chief executive schooled the junior pretty hard in this debate. >> it wasn't just about their age. let's take a look at this particular one. >> you'd rather americans be going on the job than -- >> we are already sending americans to do the job but fewer of them. >> that's right. we're sending in more afghans to do the job. afghans to do the job. >> and what struck you at this
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moment? >> they're talking about foreign policy and i think paul ryan was disadvantaged by the fact that the moderator chose to open with policy questions, because that's her background, and that's obviously not paul ryan's background. in this particular instance, he chose to draw a line in the sand on afghanistan and challenge the vice president saying this is an example of failed foreign policy and you don't have enough troops there and you don't support the troobs. and biden said we're actually training afghans that do this so we can bring americans home. and if you're saying that we need more troops there to support them, than most troops would be put in harm's way. would you like to sacrifice them? and at that point, paul ryan had nothing to say. >> yes, at that point he did not have a lot to say. now, there was one time that he kind of shut down the vice president. let's take a look here. >> the unemployment rate in
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scranton is today? it's 10%. you know what it was the day you guys came in? 8.5%. that's how it's going all around american. >> that's not how it's going. >> this is a two-minute answer. >> reporter: now, that's his hometown of scranton. >> and the vice president is right that the overall unemployment is going down. but i think the vice president was making the point that it actually is worse than it was four years ago, and that's the point i think he wanted to try and drive home. jobs is the only issue, the main issue, that the romney camp has. when he spoke on that tonight, he was credible. but when he ventured into the foreign policy stuff, he was really way out of his depth. i'm calling it for the obama people tonight. this doesn't mean that the president is going to win this election, because he still has to do a good job next week. it's just that joe biden has set the table for him. >> thank you for your analysis
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don't. ken, dana, back to you guys. we're still wondering whether paul ryan is ready to do the heavy lifting. just take a look at the new issue of time. the magazine has released photos of the famously fit congressman pumping iron. they're actually outtakes from a photo shoot from last year. critics accuse the editors of trying to make ryan look young and trivial just ahead of this debate. a ryan spokesperson says it just shows that the candidate doesn't take himself too seriously. check out our forum on every day the candidates weigh in on a different issue that matters to you. where a short time ago -- te bomb squad blew up several e and we are following a developing story out of vallejo tonight where a short time ago, the bomb squad blew up several pipe bombs and other bomb- making material found inside of a home.
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police, the fbi, the bomb squad have all been at a house on georgia street for almost seven years. cbs 5 reporter joe vasquez first broke this story. >> reporter: there were two explosions here, because they found several more pipe bombs inside the house. the first explosion went off just after 9:00 tonight. the bomb disposal teams from the fbi and the sheriff's department loaded several pipe bombs and other bomb-making materials on to a pallet in the middle of georgia street. the cops say a man who lived here has been making small bombs in recent days. >> our information is he's not only manufacturing bombs but also detonating them. >> reporter: swat officers prepared for the possibility of a long standoff, but then the
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man quickly surrendered. >> as we were preparing to block streets off, the suspect came out of his residence, inquiring what was going on. he was recognized and taken into custody. >> reporter: they are not identifying the bomb-making suspects but investigators say they got a tip from his roommates that he was building another bomb today. >> he's just a creep on the block. >> reporter: fernando says he and his neighbors have called police because they believe the man is dangerous. >> the man, i smell chemicals and i would tell the police officers. he would just be making all kinds of noise at all times of night, you know. it would be so loud, it would shake my house. >> reporter: so that second explosion happened within the last hour and it happened in the backyard, outside the view of our camera. ken, that suspect will be charged with a felony for making bombs. >> crazy. joe vasquez in vallejo tonight. thank you, joe. a third rainy night here in the bay area. we'll show you a live look at
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downtown san francisco. ooh, overcast. are things going to settle down? >> they certainly are. we do have plenty of precipitation. we fired it up. there it is. see the green on the screen? that is the bands of a rain associated with the area of low pressure now pushing out. but look at your morning commute. a scattered sprinkle here or there, especially along the coast and the peninsula, up until lunchtime. we have the full forecast, including the big change for the weekend, that's still coming up later in the program. the building is closed right now. so i'm just escorting you out. >> their loved ones' remains got mixed up with others. how did it happen? the sheriff's department is refusing to answer. >> well, the promise to save the red woods. but something went wrong. the finger pointing and the "i
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told you so" now that the tree has to be cut down. your iphone knows your every move. apple is secretly tracking users again. we discovered how to opt out but it's tricky.
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killers" cas it may be a while before we
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know how remains from the speed freak killers case got all mixed up. investigators are refusing to talk about it. our sister station in sacramento obtained a lab report showing one victim's family received remains belonging to at least two other people. that includes a child who could possibly be the 1988 hayward kidnapping victim mckayla garrett. but when reporter laura cole went to the san joaquin county sheriff's office for some answers today, she went smack into a wall. >> it's closed. it's closed. we're closed right now. >> the sheriff will not speak with us? >> currently, no. he's not available. >> you're basically throwing me out of the building and not giving me any answers. >> i'm not throwing you out of the building. it's closed right now. i'm just escorting you out of the building. >> the sheriff's department says it is working hard for the
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families but investigators want to be sure that the facts are clear before they say anything else. well, it seems like a simple enough plan. build a new branch of the berkeley library. but several redwood trees were standing in the way. and you know what that means. why a tree that was supposed to have been saved now has to be chopped down. >> it's sad. >> reporter: for four-year-old hazel, this is more than just a tree. >> this is our tree. we want it to stay there. >> reporter: the nearly 100- foot redwood has always been just a few feet from her apartment's back door. >> they weren't going to cut it down, but now it's like, they are cutting it down. >> reporter: it was a highly contested issue. the new project forced five of the redwoods to be cut down. one tree was saved and it was
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supposed to be the focal point of the new library. >> i'm devastated by it. it was very sad to watch all the trees be cut down, one after the other, on a sunny afternoon. >> reporter: the library claims the contractors, west bay builders, are responsible for the trees damage and they signed a contract to protect it. but west bay builders told cbs 5 damage to the tree was unavoidable when they removed the other redwoods next to it. hazel loved to spend hours in her backyard. now she says it's just not the same. >> we wanted it to stay up. so i'd be happy. >> reporter: the tree will be removed in the next couple of days and the contractor is expected to pay more the damage. the library plans to put a mature tree in its place. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the space shuttle endeavour's final
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journey could be the toughest journey it has ever faced, navigating the streets in los angeles. the shuttle will inch its way from l.a.x. to the california science center. the clearances will be as little as six inches in some spots. >> and what do you do then? >> we just move very carefully, slowly. we tell people to open their windows. >> the shuttle will shuffle along between one and two miles an hour aboard a multi-million dollar transporter that can turn on a dime, allowing endeavour to zig and zag its way past trees and buildings and other obstacles. well, the new iphone knows where you are at all times. turns out, apple has quietly started tracking users again and telling advisers what they want to know. you don't like it? well, here's how to opt out. it's not that easy. pay attention.
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>> reporter: keeping advertisers from tracking you through your iphone is a lot harder than it should be. from here, where do you think you would go to turn off that tracking? >> hmm. >> reporter: everyone we asked outside the apple store in palo alto, thought you would turn off tracking by going under the privacy settings. >> where do you think tracking would be? >> i would think it would be in privacy. >> it's actually not. >> reporter: actually, it's buried under general. then go to about. scroll past all the technical data and then click on advertising. finally, turn on the button to limit tracking. tech analyst larry says apple has the answer to advertisers by allowing them to track specific phones and target them with ads, so burying that privacy setting in the latest operating system is likely no accident. >> i do think if you're going
11:21 pm
to give people the ability to control their privacy, you should make it obvious how they do it. by hiding it, it's sort of privacy denied. >> is that sneaky to you? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: reaction among customers ranged from disbelief to apathy. >> i've sort of resigned myself to that in the digital age. >> they're just trying to make their money, so... if that's the thing they're gonna do, i mean, i'm not going to... >> reporter: in palo alto, cbs 5. ,,,,
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welcome back to cbs 5. good evening, everybody. i had to share something very special with you. take a look at what they did tonight. in honor of our champion oakland a's, they lit up this huge crane. i know. i want to cry. you gotta think about it. june 30, they were 13 games back. tonight, division champions.
11:25 pm
thank you for honoring our a's in such a dramatic way. it was only 60 in san jose and 57 in santa rosa with 4/10 of an inch of rain in gilroy. tonight things are settling down. cloud cover, into the 40's and 50's. this area of low pressure that has just been lurking offshore finally beginning to sag to the south. the bands of rain around that low brought in more showers today. i cannot rule out the possibility of a scattered shower early tomorrow morning, according to our futurecast, but overall the day will improve hour by hour. so keep that umbrella handy just in case. by the afternoon hours, 60's beaches, 60's morgan hill. still below average. low 70's at best east of the bay. inland, 66 in santa rosa. the extended forecast, you've gotta take a good look at this.
11:26 pm
gradual warm-up over the weekend. that is your thursday night forecast. we have sports coming up next.
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when the play-offs began, i think a lot of people were thinking, maybe we'll see a rematch of the 1989 babe ruth world series. that is not going to happen. the coliseum was packed for game 5 against the tiger. top of the third, detroit jumps up. detroit up 1-0. the a's were no match for tigers' ace justin verlander. detroit put the game away in the seventh. 6-0, tigers. there would be no miracle comeback for the a's. tigers celebrate as they advance to the alcs with a 6-0 win. an amazing one for the a's comes to a disappointing end.
11:30 pm
the team got a much-deserved ovation from their fans. >> the crowds, they -- you know, they had our backs. it was a tough game. we battled them for them all year. and they did the same for us. >> it shows there is a fan base here and they believe in us, and it was special to be part of that. >> there's gonna be some people keeping -- i'm proud to be a part of it. >> as good as this team is, this oakland team, justin verlander is a tough for anybody. certainly they don't have anything to be ashamed of. they were a terrific opponent. >> we compete, we battle, we fight. we're going to sit here and say how magical a ride it was, but in major league baseball,
11:31 pm
everybody else was paying attention to us all year. meanwhile, hunter pence getting his teammates pumped up. 2-0, giants, bases loaded. and buster posey busts one off mat latos. a grand slam. 6-0, san francisco. the reds would rally. bottom of the sixth, matt cain strikes out. two on, two out. navarro hits one to center field, but angel pagan makes the diving catch and the inning is over. bottom of the ninth, scott rolen goes down looking. the giants win 6-4. they win three straight on the road to slans to the nlcs. hunter pence's big speech paid off. the nationals-cardinals are going to game 5 as are the orioles and yankees.
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